Jill and Ernie were more than helpful. Not only were they available for prompt contact dang near 24/7, they have n assistant (Ana) who touches base during every step of the process to give a run down on what is happening. This sale was made even more difficult than usual based off the fact I no longer lived in San Diego AND was on vacation most of escrow. Despite that, Jill made sure the process sped along. We even closed early with her solving a few minor and potentially major hiccups for me along the way. It should also be noted that every contractor she had in her Rolodex were beyond professional, timely, and cost effective. Trust me when I say I used almost every type of service from general handyman to unforeseen mold remediation (which was handled with me out of country). Even more, Jill and Ernie were more than pleasant to talk to throughout the whole experience. They are both good people on top of being polished Realtors


Jill was so patient with me. I was taking a very long long time making up my mind if I even wanted to buy. I was a first time, very skeptical, buyer. Many times I was ready to tell Jill “No more,” but Jill’s patience and expertise would reassure me. She never pressured me and constantly told me we’d keep looking until we found the place of my dreams. I’m very glad I didn’t give up because shortly after we found it. The process went very smoothly after I made an offer. I’m glad to say I’m a happy home owner now! Thanks Jill!

Marquis & Angela

This was a trying transaction due to the fact that they had to help us liquidate this property, which was owned by my mother in law who has dementia. My mother in law was not thrilled but after introducing her to Jill and Ernie she relaxed. They were available and timely in their responses and helpfulness. The sale was made more challenge also because we are in Arizona all repairs and inspections were coordinated by our sales team which required several unforeseen repairs and removal of some excess debris. Finally the sale was complete and all is well great job Ernie and Jill.


Dear Jill I can’t thank you enough for all your help….. I never thought were were going to accomplish the selling of my condo… but I owe it to you ,…. all your hard work & your determination I’m eternally grateful for everything you have done for me & my sister, Again Thank You!!!! You are the BEST! Bless You!!!!


I have had nothing but positive experiences with Jill. Not only is she knowledgeable and efficient, she is also kind hearted (sometimes a hard quality to find in our fast paced world). I would recommend Jill for any real estate oriented job out there!!