Property Management

“Finally, a Loyal company designed for me. It understands my need for open communication. It respects my Interests. It cares about my concerns. It knows that honesty, peace of mind, and my time are important to me…”

Who We Are

Magnus Realty Group, Inc. provides full-service management of single family residences, condominiums, and residential apartment communities (15-units and under) in San Diego County. We effectively market, screen, lease, and manage successful residential investments that deliver satisfied residents with less turn-over.

In addition to our unparalleled commitment to our clients, Magnus Realty Group is a member of the San Diego County Apartment Association and active participant of the Property Management Policy Subcommittee for the California Apartment Association. The principals of the company proudly carry the CCRM (California Certified Residential Manager) designation.

Our Mantra

We operate under the mantra of honesty and open communication. People want to feel valued when dealing with their Real Estate Brokerage and Property Management Company. Peace of mind can only come with a talented team that understands the complete life-cycle approach to Real Estate and People Management.



Phase 1 – Marketing and Resident Selection

Fact: the biggest expense most property owners incur is turn-over (resident move-outs). It costs money and time getting your property rent-ready. Not to mention securing the right resident. Our aim is to effectively manage both the resident life-cycle, and the structural life-cycle of your property to ensure you receive predictable cash flow.

Target Area Market Analysis: We identify your market, rental competition and establish rent parameters prior to marketing your property.

Marketing Strategy and Implementation: We position your property for market based on the property’s strengths AND the surrounding community’s selling points. The marketing message is targeted and as always, in accordance with Fair Housing Law.

Screening and Verification: We ensure prospective applicants are fully screened via credit, income, residence, and employment verification. This eliminates the “revolving door” experience in selecting a qualified tenant while effectively reducing your overall costs. These steps are performed in-house with minimal delay and attention to detail in accordance with Fair Housing Law.

Lease Contract and Disclosures: Contracts are essential both for protection as well outlining the understanding of all the parties. We provide the necessary disclosures to ensure you are fully protected and compliance.

Phase 2 – Real Estate Operations AND “People Management”

The secret to a successful real estate investment is effectively managing 1) the Maintenance aspect of your rental property, 2) the Relationship with the residing occupants and 3) Risk.

  1. Maintenance of your rental property: Regular and thorough inspections of your rental property provide greater visibility of its condition, resulting in less surprises down the road. Additionally, our team of licensed and insured contractors respond quickly and provide quality workmanship at competitive prices 24/7.
  2. Relationship: Every landlord knows that the most costly expense in rental real estate are tenant move-outs. Studies show that the # 1 reason residents move out is because their calls for repair are not responded to in a timely manner. Vacancies can shatter your bottom line. Our 24-hour response time for repairs keeps your residents satisfied and provides less disruption in income to you as the owner.
  3. Risk: The housing industry is one of the most regulated industries in the country. Coupled with this is the fact that California is also one of the most litigious states in the nation. We help our clients stay out of court by continuously staying up to date with state and federal fair housing regulation and working with licensed and insured contractors.

Phase 3 – Financial Tracking & Reporting:

Life would be so perfect if you had an accountant maintaining the books on your properties and finalizing your 1099s at the end of the year. Enter Magnus Realty Group. Our convenient online client portal gives you access to easy-to-understand financial status reports that give you great visibility on your bottom line. And with scanned images of all invoices, you’ll have complete transparency and easy storage for all of your financial needs.


 Phase 4 – Staying Connected

What’s better than location, location, location? Timing.

Stay up-to-date on the San Diego real estate and rental market news that impacts you via Magnus Realty Group’s cutting-edge “Market Newswire”. It’s a no-fluff Newswire that offers clarity on the San Diego real estate market and keeps you head and shoulders above your peers.

You’ve work hard to acquire what you own. It only makes sense that your San Diego property management company works towards keeping it that way!