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“The Foreclosure Escape Artist” – 2012 Edition!

Industry Expert Jill Eastman Unveils The Easiest Step by Step Guide To Give Homeowners Mortgage Relief Without Bankruptcy.

Packed with Straight Answers To Your Most Critical Questions…

  • Short Sale Attorney, Loan Modification, Bankruptcy-What’s the best solution?
  • What happens if I just let my property go back to the bank?
  • HAFA? HAMP2? Mortgage Settlement? Which program best suits me?
  • The difference between a loan “workout plan” vs. a loan “modification”.
  • How does personal credit get impacted under each scenario?
  • Can I buy a home again if I choose to short sale my current home?
  • I’ve received a notice of default from my bank. What happens now?
  • Can my lender(s) legally collect on any deficiency?
  • Are there any tax ramifications if I choose a short sale? (Hint: One tax loophole is set to expire in 2012).
  • What foreclosure or investor short sale scams should I be aware of?

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  2. Download: “The Foreclosure Escape Artist” 2013 Edition.

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MRG is a sophisticated and experienced expert in the affairs and resolution of real estate debt modification and settlement. A strategic partner dedicated to exploring all sides of personal financial matters related to real estate plan. No Need for a Short Sale Attorney San Diego since MRG is a strategic planning entity specialized in Short Payoffs for all banks including – Chase Short Sales, Bank of America Short Sale, Wells Fargo Short Sales, Stopping Foreclosure Sales, Short Sales in San Diego, Carlsbad Short Sale, La Jolla Short Sale, and Chula Vista Short Sale strategy. We are honored to provide one of the most priceless services one could ever provide…Peace of Mind. What sort of price tag can you put on Peace of Mind? The fact is, you can’t…it’s so valuable that it’s immeasurable. Call us today!